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A personal one-on-one makeup lesson taught online from an award winning makeup artist. You can finally become an expert at applying your own makeup!
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Learn every makeup tip, trick and technique from an award winning makeup artist. Vicki Lea Millar is an industry beauty expert and offers her private one on one makeup lessons online to women just like you!

See for yourself the results you can achieve with only 1 lesson!

See for yourself the results you can achieve with only 1 lesson!

The benefits of taking an online makeup lesson

♥  Avoid Commuting and sitting in traffic; schedule your lesson during your lunch hour!

♥  One on one Interaction with only a screen between you and an award winning makeup artist!

♥  Accommodating Vicki will work around your schedule!

♥  Unbiased recommendations Vicki is a freelance makeup artist who does not sell makeup products.  She recommends based on what is the best option for you and you alone

♥  Shop smarter Stop wasting your money on makeup products you never use and understand how to purchase products you will use everyday

♥  Learn from a multi- award winning professional makeup artist; you will no longer have to depend on store sales people giving you poor advice

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Vicki is a master at teaching makeup to ladies who are 40 or better! If you’re stuck in a rut with your makeup routine, treat yourself to a private online makeup lesson with Vicki today.

Vicki Lea makeup artist

Online makeup teaching by an award winning makeup artist

Vicki Lea Millar is a multiple award winning makeup artist who uses her vast experience to teach everyday women how to apply makeup easily and simply.

For many years Vicki has successfully offered one on one private makeup lessons to women across Toronto, Canada and the demand for this service has increased significantly from women across the globe. 

To meet this demand, Vicki has extended her private makeup lessons to women online globally who want to understand straight forward makeup techniques from a pro who is a natural born teacher.

Stop struggling with your daily makeup routine!  Find out which products work and which don’t and start using them properly.  Makeup should be fun, not complicated!

Vicki offers several online makeup lesson options including building your own custom package.   Find out how it all works here.


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Mature Makeup Teaching

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